My game/App crashes when I start it up.
Please try to restart the Device and/or sync it with iTunes.
You could also try deleting the game from your Device and your iTunes account.
You can re-download it by clicking the buy button again and you will not be charged.
The App Store will inform you that you have already purchased the item, but will still download the application again to your account without charging you.
The game is no longer on my device, do I need to pay for it again?
No! Just re-download it by clicking the buy button again! You can still download the application again to your account free of charge.
Do I have to pay twice for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch version of an App?
You can tell if an app is universal by checking under the price on iTunes.
If it is a universal app it will say ‘This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad’.
Unless the app is ‘universal’ you will have to purchase them separately.
The sound has disappeared from my Game, how do I get it back?
By turning the sound on, off and then on again and restarting (switching on/off) the device the sound will work again.
When is an update for my App going to be released?
We cannot disclose detail of specific release dates for our games or updates.
If we find something that is not working as expected, we’ll do our best to release an update to fix the issue as soon as possible.
We thank you in advance for your patience.
I no longer want this App, please delete it from my device.
We cannot remotely delete any content from your device. To remove the app you must uninstall it manually.
I would like a refund for the App I purchased.
All Apps are sold through iTunes therefore you will need to contact Apple directly for a refund.
We cannot offer refunds directly.
I have a problem that is not listed here!
Still stuck? We’ll be happy to help you! Contact us at the email bellow